Campaign Analytics

Our app campaign attributions method helps you instantly measure the ROI and conversion % of any campaign you run to acquire new players in your game. You can choose any campaign, any time duration for which you ran the campaign and assess the retention and monetization behavior of these players.

Cohort Analysis

Our unique way of doing cohort analysis helps you with readily packaged insights to measure the retention rates of newly acquired users 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 14 day etc. — after they start playing your game. You can also slice and dice this information by user context information (like demographics) or their referrer origin.

Funnel Analysis

With our funnels, you can do very advanced path style segmentation of your players — where you can define the steps of the funnel and measure the drop off of players as they proceed through the funnel steps. The ability to add custom events to your funnels helps you get even deeper game specific insights.

Events Analyzer

Our events analyzer is a data analyst’s delight — which can help dig deep into the various events that are being generated from your game play. You can segment your users based on groups of people who generate custom event clicks and then further slice this population by the event attributes data .

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