Social Media Analytics – Increase your Effectiveness

All businesses need a focus on social media these days and social media analytics are important tools for any social media campaign or social media users, to measure and increase your effectiveness online.

Social media analytics offers an entirely new paradigm for measuring interactive marketing by integrating, analyzing and enabling organizations to act on intelligence gained by expanding their reach, increasing retention, and ultimately, driving more revenue.

Next Generation Social Media Analytics from Claritics

With the rapid growth of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs), marketers need to think differently about next generation analytic requirements in the new web 2.0 world. Claritics Social Media Analytics is an enterprise hosted solution based on a client’s unique business challenges.

Claritics provides fast results for businesses to track social media behaviors in real-time and get immediate feedback on what will work for the product.

  • Provides trending views and drill-down capabilities
  • Insights to make faster, smarter operating decisions across huge amounts of social data.
  • Acquisition to revenue.
  • Get faster insights into the key influences on your K-Factor and viral campaigns
  • Understand what keeps customers engaged, and uncover the levers that can most impact revenues.

The main uses for social media analytics tools are for Social Media Brand for brand monitoring and audits to provide insightful information. If you need more information on Social Media Analytics, Contact Claritics.

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