Leveraging Social Intelligence to Drive Business

Social gaming and social commerce provides a unique opportunity for companies to understand their customers’ activities, behaviors and demographic profiles. Meet their unique needs to improve their social intelligence and do it quickly with Claritics.

Improve Social Intelligence of Social Games and Social Commerce Companies

Claritics’ social intelligence apps as a service tracks data across many social platforms to tap into the customer behavior insights trapped in the ever-expanding social media data. Our strategy is to focus on a broader marker for social commerce and get valuable, actionable user insights on a real time basis with our social media analytics apps.

Advantages of Using Claritics

  • Easy to get up and running.
  • Measure the effectiveness of acquisition campaigns and conduct funnel analysis on viral features and promotions
  • Monitor virtual currency monetization and trend metrics like ARPU, ARPPU, conversions, payment type, etc
  • Understand trending metrics such as ARPPU (Average Revenue per Paying User) over the last 30 or 60 days, or drill-down by payment type (Amazon, PayPal, Facebook Credits, etc.)
  • Get actionable insights into their most-used app features and what drives monetization to make faster, smarter operating decisions.
  • Create user profiles to target and customize app content to the most-engaged (and most valuable) users, such as frequent visitors or frequent purchasers
  • Get deeper insights into the demographics of users with information provided through Facebook’s Social Graph API

Claritics turns analytics into automated business processes that continuously improve its customer’s reach, retention and revenue campaigns – all to increase your social intelligence!

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