Gamification leading the charge to engage Users and Influence Behavior

The rapid rise of social media and smartphone apps is driving a sea change in the way enterprises need to reach out and engage with their users and consumers. Marketers are increasingly challenged for attention to their brands and products in a hyper competitive true multi-channel marketplace. Gamification is rapidly emerging as a means to address these challenges and create ways for more compelling and user driven engagement (versus the traditional means of email or direct mail). Companies like Badgeville are leaders in driving innovation through gamification and Claritics was one of the proud sponsors of the just concluded Engage 2012 Badgeville Summit.

Market leading companies across diverse verticals like Barnes&Noble, Autodesk, EMC and Interscope Records are finding that making the engagement process a lot of more fun and a goal driven experience is a critical first step to long term consumer loyalty. The process if executed well can also create brand user champions and community leaders. A gamification platform like Badgeville enables the setup of various activities, rewards, levels and a leaderboard that encourages users to come often to a company’s site (on web, social or mobile) and earn points towards some interesting and self motivating goals.

Concepts of Gamification can be applied to a wide variety of use cases in various industries including :

  • Providing incentives for employee training and salesperson motivation (Enterprise use cases)
  • Individual patient behavior (healthcare use case)
  • Customer loyalty programs (retail and online commerce)
  • High school student behavior (to earn credits towards college tuition)
  • Employee recruitment (by engaging candidates prior to job interviews)

Multiple presenters highlighted the need for real time user behavior analytics to measure the impact of the gamification strategies and tuning them over time to keep them interesting and challenging. A very difficult set of thresholds or levels will make the users become too anxious to achieve their goals while a very easy set of level transitions makes the engagement too boring and predictable. Marketers should keep in mind that users want to have some fun while engaging with the brand and must not be treated as hardcore gamers.

Gamification is fast evolving to be a powerful engagement and loyalty tool in the new world of social and mobile users.

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