Engagement Metrics – Quality and Value of Engagements

The ability to measure engagement, the leading indicators and the levers that can impact and optimize engagement are critical to success for any company with a social media focus. While no single metric alone is going to be a solid indicator of how engaged your community or customers are. There are a few of the engagement metrics to watch for. Engagement cannot be captured by DAUs and MAUs alone

Engagement Analytics – Analyze User Retention

Claritics, engagement analytics lets you analyze user retention and engagement activities based on a number of pre-set factors plus your own custom funnels. We offer you the expertise to understand how and why engagement works, and the best way to capture data that will give you a clear picture of what impacts your engagement campaigns.

Our analytics are built precisely for social data and gives you the automation to maintain pace with social change. It also gives the power to ask ad hoc questions and drill deep down into user data, all with the goal of improving your ability to successfully engage new customers. For more information on our engagement analytics tool, Contact Us at Claritics.

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